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Our Products

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Stay under the radar on ANY site with our exclusive Residential Proxies.


• 100M+ IPs & 100+ Countries to select from.
• Working & Unbanned on ALL sites.
• Generate UNLIMITED Proxies.
• User:Pass Authorization.
• No Expiration Dates.
• Instant Delivery.



Need speed? Our Datacenter Proxies offer extreme speeds on major retail sites.


• London, UK Based Monthly DCs.
• Blazing Speeds, Sub 30ms Response-Times.
• Working & Unbanned on ALL sites. *
• User:Pass Authorization.
• Unlimited Bandwidth.
• Instant Delivery.



Our Premium range, completely private and run on dedicated servers.


• Private Pools made up of unshared ISPs.
• Residential Speeds of 50ms - 500ms.
• Working & Unbanned on ALL sites.
• Generate UNLIMITED Proxies.
• 60 Day Expiration.
• Instant Delivery.

Our Features

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Our Datacenter proxy speeds are unrivalled, hitting <30ms of ping on major retail sites - separating us from the competition!


You can create as many Residential proxies as you like through our Dashboard. Target specific sites with our region specific pools to improve your speeds and chances of success.

99.9% UPTIME

Our services are always up and running meaning that you can generate or purchase proxies 24/7 via our Dashboard - no shock drops or restocks will be missed & Buddha users will stay winning.


We offer 24/7 Support through our Discord Server. A member of our friendly Staff Team will help you with any questions/issues you may have - customer satisfaction at Buddha is our main priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

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